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Alex Toffolo - Toffolo IT
Alex Toffolo - Toffolo IT

Many moons ago, in 1995, my parents bought a PC for my sister's university studies.  I managed to break this PC within hours of it's arrival!  Crucially I managed to fix it promptly which not only got me out of trouble but also sparked my lifetime interest in computing.

By 1997 I'd filled the loft with computing equipment.  I enjoyed building computers for myself and friends.  I accepted an invite for a weeks work experience in London for an IT services company.  I made a good impression; they offered a role as a support technician.

I worked in & around London's west end supporting PR, marketing & media agencies.  I was eventually head-hunted by Consolidated Communications; one of the UK's top-ten PR agencies at the time.

At 19, I was appointed Consolidated's IT manager; a position I held for over 8 years.  I managed several in-house servers & supported a user base which grew to 120 people, aided by a small team of technicians.

In 2007 I decided to use the knowledge & experience I'd acquired to become a freelance consultant - Toffolo IT was formed.

I've gained all my clients by personal referral - Toffolo IT has never advertised. Some of my clients are 8th generation referrals - something I'm rather proud of.

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